Project Dhare

Completed Projects

This project has been undertaken to reduce the personal carbon footprint and earn an extra income through commercial sale of chemical free household cleaning agents. We are also trying to educate the community of how hazardous the chemical products can be for they can lead to acute respiratory problems, headache, continuous sneezing, allergy and may be cancer too. The drive is to persuade people to replace the household chemicals with bio enzymes that can be easily made at home and in our community.

Bio Enzyme cultures are organic solutions produced by the fermentation of fruits, vegetables, sugar and water. These are non-toxic, safe, non-allergic, non-polluting and pocket friendly. The project has been extremely successful in some localities in Bangalore.

The different stages

1)The members of the club  first made and tried the bio enzymes at their homes.

2) The next step was to educate the community we live in and the house keeping staff. A stall was also organized at Heritage to sensitize people. The efforts are still on as convincing people to alter lifestyle is quite challenging.

3) We have managed to sell quite a number of bio enzymes made by the economically weak.

4) We as Rotary members can help empower the community helpers to earn an extra living by making these bioenzyme based products and selling them to interested residents. We are trying to have a tie up with co-operative societies that buy these, repack and sell it commercially.